Types of Music Now & Later


We focus on Big Band, Comedy, Jazz, Popular, Rock, Soul, and Sound tracks (including radio casts or recordings and some Narrations by actors or personalities.)  Sorry, No Rap or Classical.


Currently cataloged and ready to ship we have approximately 35 thousand LP’s.  We have another 8 thousand or so that are still to be processed with more arriving daily (except Saturday & Sunday when I work for my wife on her Honey Do list)


We do accept want lists and look to fill requests as we find “stuff” we don’t have, so if you are in the hunt, send us your wants and we will notify you if we can find them from our as yet unlisted inventory or incoming stock.


45’s We have only a few thousand of these which are yet to be cataloged and or sorted.

Included in these are many EP’s and picture sleeves.   At this time, since they are only partially sorted, we can offer to look for any on your hunting lists and will respond with pricing on those we have available.


COMEDY: Again, we have a couple of thousand of albums from Don Adams to Jonathon Winters. . . These are still to be cataloged but are filed correctly so, again if you are seeking these, don’t be bashful, eMail your wants and we will respond with what we have.


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