Grading of Records


We make an effort to provide shoppers with the best information we can on each selection.  We rate both the album cover and the record, having determined collectors are interested in both.


Poor:  is a record that is playable but with audible noise & visible scratches.

Fair:   is a record with audible noise and some visible discoloration but no visible scratches.

Good: is a record with some wear that plays OK & may produce some slight “crackle and pop” noise.

VG:     is a visibly clean record that has little if any wear showing.

NM:    is a very clean record with no wear showing and looks unused.

M:       is only given to sealed copies. 




Bad:    Barely hanging together, pieces missing or badly marked up.

Poor:   Complete cover w/ writing or damaged with liquid or poor taping.

Fair:    Complete cover with some wear, split seams & minimal discoloration.

Good:  Complete cover minimal wear, may have partial split seams.

VG:     Complete with   very little wear, may have slight split seams.

NM:     Complete no discolorations, no tears.

M:       Sealed copy.


Note:  Covers are cardboard with printed paper glued to cardboard, the “seams” are extensions of the printed paper extended around three edges of the cardboard.

We add a carefully placed clear tape to the seams to close any gaps and to strengthen the seams for future “sliding” as they are handled. The reason many seams are split is because the jackets are slid on shelves and the “wrap around” paper wears out.  Adding the clear tape is a protection for this wear and allows jackets to last longer. 


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