Finding records. . . .


We have organized our lists Alphabetically-by Artist.  Once you get to a particular Artist’s section, the records are listed by label & number.  Within each label listing you should find the oldest records first.


In the Soundtraks & Original Cast recordings the filings are Aphabetically by title for Movie, Plays, TV and RadioCasts.  


Comedy albums are listed by Artist groupings and then by label and title.


If you need to know the song listings on a particular album, you will have to email us to get that listing.  We will eMail you back with a listing of all songs on a particular album.


Columns (and what we mean by them!)


Column one: Lists Record label & Catalog Number

Column two: Shows Type: LP   Stereo, Mono or Digital and year released (if we know)

Column three: Comments or notes

Column four: Album title

Column five:  Suggested retail price

Column six  Our sale price – Includes discount for less than Mint condition.

Column 7: Quantity we have in stock.  Note: On a first come first serve basis,  we will always offer each buyer the best copy available where we have multiple copies.


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