What is ForeverVinyl?

ForeverVinyl  has gathered more than 50,000 L.P’s with more arriving daily.  In dealing over the last 20 years with true collectors and music fans we have found several things about their likes and dislikes and have tried to accommodate the likes and eliminate the dislikes.


We are not a Snooty  exclusively“Mint or Near Mint” music source.  We do offer most of our offerings in Mint, Near Mint or Very Good condition.  However, we have many that are only Good, Fair or Poor. Why??? Because records are rapidly disappearing.  The ones we have in the lower grades are very scarce and many collectors are happy to accept a lesser grade L.P. until they can upgrade (if they ever find a better copy).  Many collectors feel that “Poor, Fair or Good”condition records are better than none at all.


All records are playable.  Where there are noises or audible “clicks” we do our best to disclose this to any potential buyer and show a discounted price to compensate for the condition.


We must all, as fans of great music, accept the fact that many of the records we want are in some cases more than 40 or 50 years old.  What suffers most is the jackets from simply being moved and handled.  Keep in mind the covers are not made of indestructible steel, but simply cardboard.   Please review our “Grading of Records” to understand our madness.


Our WebSite has been designed to NOT WASTE your time.  No fancy greetings, no “state of the art” graphics.  Instead we have designed a straight forward path to get shoppers directly into our listings.   Please see “Finding Records. . . . “



Happy listening!


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